About Us

Singhania's Wardrobe aims to follow a simple yet eloquent path that works in a win-win scenario for both our clients, the lives we touch, and Mother Earth herself. Our motive is to build a world that is better for all. In our vast experience, we discovered something important – The specialist of handmade clothes and more importantly, the artisans’ profound impact on the fabric.

Rooted in India’s pristine culture and tradition, our garments tell tales like no other. They are the finest testament to India and her diverse narratives. We value the art, embrace it, and present it in a language that allows you to self-reflect – in homegrown fashion.

We uphold the skills of some 2500 artisans across the country who are each a part of Singhania’s family, under the banner of Shri Devji Baba Textiles Ltd. They create beautiful products that are driven by creativity and courage.

In our factories across several states in the country, we make products in real-time. We only make what we need and what is better, to you, its makers, and the world included.

With the fashion industry being so complex, it is difficult to make a change in one day. However, we have been a pebble that has created ripples. Who we are is not what we do, rather what we do is what defines us. So far, the journey has been beautiful and we believe that it will continue to be so.

If you believe in what we do, join us… for you will be making much more than a purchase.

Till then,

Singhania's Wardrobe.

(A division of Shri Devji Baba Textiles Pvt Ltd.)